Fluxo’s Thermal Grease



Fluxo’s thermal grease is a high-quality, silicone-based thermal interface material designed to enhance the transfer of heat between a processor and a heat sink. The grease is used to fill in microscopic imperfections on the surfaces of the processor and the heat sink, ensuring that heat is transferred efficiently from the processor to the heat sink, thus preventing overheating and damage to the system.

The thermal grease is highly effective in dissipating heat, making it an ideal choice for use in high-performance computing applications, such as gaming PCs, workstations, and servers. The grease is also suitable for use in other applications where heat dissipation is critical, such as in automotive electronics and LED lighting.

Fluxo’s thermal grease is easy to apply, usually by spreading a thin layer of the grease onto the surface of the processor before installing the heat sink. The grease has high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance, which ensures that heat is transferred efficiently, and the system stays cool.

The thermal grease is available in different sizes, making it easy to choose the right amount for your specific needs. It is also supplied in a convenient syringe applicator for easy and precise application.

Overall, Fluxo’s thermal grease is an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and effective thermal interface material to keep their systems cool and prevent overheating. Its high thermal conductivity and low thermal resistance ensure efficient heat transfer, while its easy-to-use syringe applicator makes application quick and straightforward